Custom Fonts Display in Layouts but not in Development APP



I have some custom fonts that aren't showing up in my display app. I have uploaded both WOFF and TTF versions through the AEMM interface. They show up in the font selection list and display in the layout/card construction area perfectly. But when I view the development app, I only get the default font for all content.

Prior to the AEMM launch, I did upload the fonts with the app in the DPS2015 interface and they worked at that time. Any new tricks here besides populating the font fields in the AEMM interface?

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Hi Christopher,

You need to sign in to the Portal (, go to the Apps section, and rebuild your app. When you add that app to your device, you'll be able to see custom fonts.




Hi Colin,

Thanks for all the great vids over the years (btw).

When you say "rebuilt" or "rebuild" what does that entail? Can you briefly outline how far back I need to go?




Sorry to jump on this late, but it sounds related to my issue.  It appears that custom fonts DO NOT display within the AEMM Preflight app, correct?  If I want to test my browse page w/ custom fonts, I need to actually build a test app, correct?