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Common collection for tablet and mobile?


Level 3

We are moving towards html-articles with responsive design. Will we soon get common collection for both tablet and mobile?

I seem to remember reading about this earlier, but I can't find any information.

Can anyone tell us if this feature is coming soon?

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Level 5

Ideal scenario would be ONE COLLECTION with a DUAL LAYOUT capability. ie: if the collection is marked as a dual collection, the layout for device is used in that instance. 

Currently you have two top-level navigation collections ('default phone' and 'default tablet'), which then include different collections with different layouts. Makes for MORE work for magazine teams. Yes, one article can be used across devices if it is responsive HTML, or a flat PDF (noooo!), but if its an Indesign article, then this won't be optimised for device unless you are tablet, or phone, only.

if you were to use one collection across both devices with one layout - then you'd be limited to what you can do on device - ie: if you design for tablet, the design won't look right on mobile. And vice versa.

If the idea is to help with automation, and resource, and also to create a slicker product, then a dual layout option for all collections would be a start!

I wouldn't be expecting this within Q1 2016. Anyone confirm that?



This feature (layout renditions) should be coming soon. More info later.