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We created two apps one for iOS and one for Android. Our app is meant to be a tablet only app. In the iOS app options, there is a drop down that says "Supported devices" and it has the option of choosing tablet or phone, or both. But on the Android app that option does not appear. The app is now live and in the GooglePlay store and it shows up as available to be downloaded to phones, and is not working properly, it crashes.

I know that the DPS should scale appropriately to the screen, but if we want a tablet only what should we do? We looked into editing the androidmanifest.xml inside the .apk package with the instructions suggested from the Google Play Dev help (Distributing to Specific Screens | Android Developers).‌ The file is showing up scrambled, with weird characters and it doesn't open properly. Is this the correct way or is there any workaround we could do?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Cindy,

There is no way to limit the Android app to a specific class of device. In fact the Android developer documentation you linked to actively discourages people from attempting to do this.


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