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Card design still showing title text...


Level 4

anyone have an idea why my card is still showing text in the middle of it?  I have chosen the card to be a full image... and made sure that there are no meta tags to be available for the card etc... anyone know how to get rid of this?

I know that i can just not put a "title" on content that goes into card... but I still want to know what that content is in the "content" section...

know what im talking about?

2 Replies


Level 5

A screenshot of your card setup would help here.


Level 6

It's quite possible that your mapping rule isn't working the way you intend, and you're getting a different card.

A troubleshooting technique I use is to enter text into a metadata label field that identifies the card. That way I see which card is picked with the mapping rules. Great while I'm troubleshooting, then I remove it when I know mapping is right.