Cant find a way to show my old dps 2014 magazine app as a standard layout magazine in dps 2015!!!



1. We migrate our existing app dps 2014 magazine to the dps 2015, to have an ipad, iphone devices same layout version

2. i have a main browser page with 12 different cards as an index, on page 3 we built an index with the traditional dps 2014 "navto" method that calls each page ..... an index page

3. i need that each different card call the same and main article cover of our magazine

4. i tried several times uploading the same article in the different cards with the same and different metadata to map the cards, with and without the browser and content view options...etc

6. i have one 120 pages or articles main collection,  replicating the look and feel of our old 2014 dps magazine

7. My client and boss needs that the users flips or browse the whole magazine from the cover page number 1 to the last number 120 page, because their publicity and marketing adds and banners

8. We can't find to achieve this !!!

9. We build a card for the 12 different sections for pages number 10, 20, 30, 40 etc, with the same cover article on each card

10. Each card call the cover, but the navigation move the whole content

Can i use cards in a browser page just to show the cover of my magazine ? not to call each article or page !!!

Thanks a lot in advance !!!!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




I'm not sure I fully understand all of your requirements, but if you want to replicate the "look" of your 2014 app, you could do the following

  1. At the top level collection, create a single collection, and style cards and layout to match or look similar to your 2014 layout of the "Library" view.  I will refer to this as the "Home" collection.
    • Make sure the HOME collection has setting "Collection Open Default" is set to "Browse View"
    • Do not add any additional collections to the Top Level Default collection except the HOME collection
    • Make sure the layout, grid size and cards use, best represent the "Library" view of DPS 2014
  2. Create a collection to represent each FOLIO from 2014. 
    • If you are using the migration tool, these will be created automatically.
    • Add the individual articles to that "folio" collection, in the same order they appeared in DPS 2014 folio
    • The Collection should be configured using a collection image that represents the cover art to represent the issue from DPS 2014
    • IMPORTANT: Make sure these collections have the setting "Collection Open Default" is set to "Content View"
    • I will refer to these collections as the "Folio" Collections
  3. Add each of the FOLIO collections, to the HOME collections

When you set "Content view" as the Collection Open Default, it does not show a browse page (cards & grid).  Instead, when you open the collection, it will automatically open to article 1, page 1 of the collection.  Swiping right (or using navto commands) will move to the next article in the sequence.

You should have a hierarchy similar to below

  • default top level collection
    • HOME collection (using Browse view which will display a list of "folio" collections w/cards + grid)
      • Folio Collection 1 (using Content view)
        • article 1
        • article 2
        • article 3
        • etc
      • Folio Collection 2 (using Content view)
        • article 1
        • article 2
        • article 3
        • etc
      • Folio Collection 3 (using Content view)
        • article 1
        • article 2
        • article 3
        • etc
      • Folio Collection ....etc (using Content view)
        • article 1
        • etc

When you launch the app, the HOME collection will display first, then clicking into the "issues" folios will open those as it did in 2014.

Again, i'm not fully understanding your requirements, but hopefully this helps.

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