Can the Top Level Collection be sold?



Hi, I have 6 collections in my Top-Level-Collection. They represent "one" educational resource as I'm treating the collections kind of as Units. This resource will be the only one available in this viewer as apposed to many collections for sale in my Top Level for now. I'd like to sell the Top-Level Collection and keep the viewer as free because in the future we do want to add more collections to the Top Level for sale. Though the main reason we want to keep the "Unit"-Collections in the top level is that the Titles then show up in the Viewers App Menu. Otherwise, that menu is fairly useless with only one collection in it.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




The Top-Level-Collection is always free and cannot be sold. It is, in a sense, an invisible collection to contain the collections that you want to surface in the menu and when navigating via swipe. The "Free" setting of the Top-Level-Collection does not affect the settings for the collections referenced within your Top-Level-Collection.

You can sell your 6 collections as one unit. To do this, assign the same product ID to each of your 6 collections.


  • For each of the 6 collections, assign the same product ID (e.g. com.customer.unit1)
    • Recommend use a label and description for this product ID that describes the unit user's will purchase (e.g. Label: Education Resources // Description: A collection of content ... etc.)
  • Create your top-level-collection -- this collection is always free
  • Add each of the 6 collections to the top-level-collection
  • Users will see the browse page for the 1st collection listed in the top-level-collection when they open the app (this is considered 'Home')
  • The 6 collections will display in the menu.
  • With swipe navigation on, users can swipe to navigate to the browse pages of each of the 6 collections.
  • When user taps to purchase (from a paywall screen, from settings, etc.) they will see one purchase option for this unit. When they purchase, they will be entitled to all collections associated with the single product ID.


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