Can I still use Adobe DPS for my Bachelor-Project?



Hi everyone

Because Adobe DPS was a big thing in my apprentice I wanted to build and publish an App with it as my Bachelor-Project in Media-Design. Preparing for this I got kind of confused with AEM as replacement for DPS. I read that AEM is quite expensive and I can't afford more than Adobe CC. So can I still use DPS as learnt in my apprentice or do I need to find a other app building solution? Do you know any good alternatives?

Thanks a lot for your help.



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Accepted Solutions (1)



To do that would require a full license. You'll have to look into alternatives but you're probably better off looking into Fixed Layout EPUB though reader support right now is fairly limited.

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Answers (3)




Daniel - Bob is correct below. We no longer offer DPS as part of Adobe Creative Cloud. You should look into InDesign Publish Online as a simple method for creating interactive content that can be shared without the friction of requiring users to download an app. There are other solutions in the marketplace as well that may be a fit. 



Hi there

Thanks for your answer. I'd like to create a story-app with multimedia content in dps (Using the InD-plugin), then export it and distribute it to the Apple-Apple App Store and Google Play. The App will be free and is a non comercial product.

Do you need more informations? If yes what exactly?

Thanks a lot.