Can I get GET Parameter in DPS?



I learned make link in DPS.

Like below

  <a href="navto://article/xxarticlenamexx"> article </a>

I want to send next page some parameters, so I changed the link like below

   <a href="navto://article/xxarticlenamexx?param1=test"> article </a>

And I write javascript


but parameter was disappeared and I can't get any parameters.

Url string end with "****/index.html" and "?param1=test" was disappeared.

Is there any method of send parameters to next page?

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You could achieve this with HTML localStorage. Here's an example:

In article A with the navto link to article B:

  <a href="javascript:navtoHandler('article/xxarticlenamexx', 'test')">Click me</a>


    function navtoHandler(strNavToUrl, strCustomParam) {

      // sets the parameter for "param1" in HTML localStorage

      localStorage.setItem('param1', strCustomParam);

      // redirect the window using the navto

      window.location.href = 'navto://' + strNavToUrl;



In article B (with article name 'xxarticlenamexx'):

    // wait until the DOM is ready

    $(document).ready(function() {

      // makes sure that the code is loaded everytime and not cached in iOS

      window.onAppear = function() {

        if (localStorage.getItem('param1') === null || localStorage.getItem('param1') === '') {

          // the "param1" is empty, should ignore

        } else {

          // there is a value for "param1", so retrieve it

          var strCustomParam = localStorage.getItem('param1');

          // TODO: do something with the value for "param1"

          // after the action, remove the value for "param1" from HTML localStorage






- Mike



Having this functionality would make my life significantly better.  Please let me pass data across navto links like mutsuyuki is asking for here.