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Build a desktop WEBSTORE to sell with entitlement


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I think that the great problem (still open in DPS 2015) is build a solid WEBSTORE to sell subscription or single collection (a solution to save the Apple/Google fee) with entitlement service.

What is the best way to take? Start from zero with a custom development webstore is over budget for every company (then here we have small client...)

The question could be: use a CMS like Drupal Commerce/Magento or better a web platform like Shopify.

Ideas or help would be greatly appreciated!

Really thanks!

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Personally, I think it's not worth the hassle and maintenance of hosting an entitlement and purchasing website just to avoid Apple, Google, and Microsoft's processing fees. You're going to pay transaction fees no matter how you do it: any kind of hosted web store is going to pay transaction fees to the payment processor too. Furthermore, it's a painful reader experience to ask them to go to a website, outside of the app, just to buy something.



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Hi Neil, yes i understand your idea but if you do not have a desktop webstore what is the real benefit of entitlement?

Yes, you have a user management but you do not have a your real store!

Yes, you can entitle app users to specific content (single collection or subscription) and sure this is important!

What do you think?

NB1: And with entitlement you have anyway the cost of hosting (yes, only php+mysql hosting and without a https certificate).

NB2: the pay transaction fee of a webstore is very very less then Apple/Google/Microsoft fee. 30% is a number very impressive for every client!