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Bug: browse pages inoperable after playing a video in landscape


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I've encountered a potential bug. This is repeatable every time.

1. I have a portrait app

2. I have a browse page that contains a collection called "videos". When I tap on that collection, it presents an article (created in InDesign) that contains 6 videos.

3. Each video is set to play full-screen when tapped.

4. When the video is playing, iOS allows the user to rotate the device to landscape while viewing the video

5. If you rotate your device to landscape, and then interrupt the video and tap "Done" WHILE THE DEVICE IS STILL IN LANDSCAPE MODE to return to the article, when you then back up to the parent collection, the browse page gets all wonky. Sometimes the bottom half disappears, sometimes a couple of button taps will work, but eventually the browse page completely stops working, and no buttons function.

If you repeat the same procedure, but watch the video only in portrait mode, everything works as expected.

I encounter this bug on iOS phones and tablets, in both the AEM Preflight app, our custom preflight app and our development app. I haven't tested it on Android.

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Thanks for reporting this, Keith. We'll take a look.