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bug: Android re-enables disabled navigation when switching apps, but now it won't go away


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We're using the gesture API to prevent the chrome navigation bar from auto show-hiding, and have built our own top navigation bar. Because we have our own top navigation bar, we've also disabled the tap-to-show on the navigation bar.

However, if you use Android's app switch button to change apps, and then switch back to the AEM Mobile app, the native navigation bar is now visible, but does not autohide.  Tapping is disabled, so it effectively never goes away.

This does not happen on iOS.

Making matters worse, though: because of the odd choice to also hide Android's systemwide navigation bar when the chrome hides, this results in the bottom of our article being obscured by the system navigation buttons that don't go away after switching back into the app.

Checking for disabled navigation before auto-displaying the chrome when the activity regains focus would fix the main issue here, but I'm continually baffled at the odd decision to have AEM Mobile apps hide the systemwide Android navigation controls.

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