Browse page not rendering properly (again)...



Just assembled a browse page for a bi-monthly digi-pub.  Same template, same cards as always. Very templated layout.  About half of the browse page (phone) is rendering properly. However, when it gets about halfway through, the images are no longer conforming to the card layout (image-top card), and they're filling the whole space vertically.  I remember this happening a while back and you guys had a special release to correct the problem (maybe when iOS 12 was released???).

Anyway, this same issue is happening again. Is anyone else having this issue?

iPhone 8

iOS 12.3

App build: 11/19/18  2018.11.001 (preflight enabled)

App Signed w/ 2018.1-20 release



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Hi Tommy,

More recently, we have fixed some other issues in this area. You can see the details at Bug fix release notes for Adobe Experience Manager Mobile . So, I would recommend building the app with latest release build (2019.5) and try with latest release preflight app(2019.5).

Still if you face issue then we would need some details(Publication Id, etc). I suggest you to reach out support and log an official issue so people can allocate some time to investigate this problem.


Aman Kansal