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I managed to follow the article here and integrate both AEM and AEM Mobile's On Demand Portal. Now I'd like to know if there's a way to bring in any content which AEM has into AEM Mobile Apps. After the integration, when I open the imported project, I only see ways to add the same artifacts like Articles, Banners and Collections to the app.

Is there a way to bring pure AEM content like Assets etc? If yes, please provide some details.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Yes, you can certainly use AEM Assets in your AEM Mobile On Demand (MOD) applications.

MOD uses Articles and Banners as containers for content.  Think of them as Pages in AEM Sites.   This means you author Articles and Banners by adding AEM components and adding Assets to them - just as you would author an AEM Sites page.   In fact, AEM Mobile uses the same page editor as Sites.

To create an Article that contains AEM sourced content:

  1. Sign in to you AEM Authoring instance and navigate to AEM Mobile
  2. Choose the AEM app you created when you made the link between AEM and MOD.
  3. Locate the "Manage Articles" tile and click on the "v" button in its upper right corner
  4. Choose Create article
  5. Choose a template (these templates are based on the AEM template and can be extended using the same techniques as other AEM page templates).  Click Next
  6. Provide some initial metadata - such as the Articles name and title and click Next
  7. Click Next again (assuming your article is not going to be an advertisement)
  8. Use the UI to choose an image for your article then click Next
  9. (optional) Choose a Collection for your Article.  Collections are the way MOD organizes content.  Its not only the hierarchy, it is used to drive the menus (Browse Pages) that MOD automatically generates.  If you don't set the Collection now, you can do it later.  Click Next.
  10. Click Create.  This will create an Article in the AEM Authoring environment.
  11. Click Edit Article and the AEM page editor will open,
  12. You can now add components and assets to the Article using the AEM wysiwyg page editor.

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Answers (3)



Hodmi​ I need a small help. In step 5, you said we can create a custom template similar to other page templates. Is there any link which describes how to achieve this? I followed the steps to create a page template but it didn't get listed under templates while creating a new article. Perhaps I need to do something different for creating an Article template. Thanks in advance.