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Good day,

As an ACI for earlier Adobe DPS I wish to get my hand on books and resources that can work as a class materials for DPS 2015. Any help from Bob Levine, or Bob Bringhurst particularly is much appreciated.

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Answers (4)



That sounds like a good plan. I’m not 100% there yet, myself but one thing seems very clear; once Muse can create responsive layouts it may well be a better tool than InDesign for creating content.



Dear Colin, delighted to read your response here.

I just read the post you mentioned on teaching DPS 2015, I'm placing the URL for others…

Luckily, I have access to full DPS2015 license, as well as my learners since I conduct the courses for clients whom had purchased the license only. I'm late on upgrading my skills from classic DPS to DPS2015. Now is the time to do so since I have three clients in the Middle East region taking on DPS2015, so I better get acquainted with the full workflow, this time though I have to get another HTML/Muse trainer involved to cover more for the users since I'm familiar with InDesign only.



All interactivity authoring using InDesign works the same way, but no support for panorama. The panel was renamed to "Overlays" too.

The notable departure in the workflow is that you do not use the Folio panel for DPS 2015 (and InDesign 2015 doesn't have this panel)-- you export article files for use in the DPS Portal.

The Portal is where you construct your collections and article metadata, and load assets including the exported article files.

The trial runs for 30 days, available at:Digital Publishing Solution | Trial Program

There are videos and a Quick Start Guide showing the basics of the workflow at Digital Publishing Solution | Trial Resources

Note: take a look at previous posts about how to teach DPS 2015 in this forum. There are some important things to note. Critically, the new workflow can be tested for 30 days, but there is no access through a free Adobe ID similar to how the original DPS could be used without subscribing to DPS -- and this is typically an enterprise-grade price.

HTH - Colin



‌Thank you Bob for redirecting my question to the right forum.

I will search the forum, but would love to have a help locating the whereabouts of any DPS 2015 class curriculum - if any apvailable.