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Article upload failure.


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I am exporting an html article from Adobe MUSE CC.  This is the error I get when trying to upload the .article file to DPS.

The content was not uploaded.

The article contains an empty file or image. Please remove the empty file and retry. [IN032]

Select upload to try again.

Any Ideas?  This file is not empty. I do have stuff in the file. the current file size is 54kb

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Please make sure that there aren't any file with 0byte size within the .article zip file. Even if the .article zip file that you uploaded is 54kb, the contain of the zip file may contain 0byte size files.

- Mike


Level 3

Hi, there is just the (1) file.  that is all.  there are no 0kb files at all.

any suggestions?


Level 6

10Ton, The .article file is actually compressed file of an index.html file, as well as other resources such as image, .js folder, fonts, and css files. You can use an Unarchiving utility such as The Unarchiver (one among many) to view the contents of the .article file.  Then, as Mike said, remove any 0k files, and use the HTML Packager applet to recompress the .article file.

Hope this helps.



Level 3

Sorry for the late reply.  Thanks very much.  I will look into this.

thanks again!