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I believe this is now done through the Adobe Mobile Marketing services where you can use in-app messaging.. including a custom HTML page that you can create to have your user agreement.

This displays according to the trigger events your choose, so you can select first launch for instance.

Will try and find you some links ..

Here is:

See Analytics Mobile Apps in the table in Digital Publishing Solution Help | Analytics for DPS 2015

.. and this is what I was referring to earlier    

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Answers (7)



Would this Adobe Mobile Marketing in app messaging work for sure?

What we need is a message to appear with a user agreement that has a button that says agree.

If the user does not click the agree button then they will not be able to access the content of the app.

If they do not agree then close the app and re launch it it will continue to appear. If they click agree they will never see it agian.

Thought this service would it have to be a hosted url page that appears? Ideally we do not want to call a live page from a host. Just have it built into the app.



We have built one using hosted HTML.  I have shared this before.  Download App:  Niche Digital Conference on the App Store

Tap on "Schedule" and an interstitial will pop up.  This is set on a 24 hour timer.

Contact me if you are interested in our help.

Grant Fritch