Android App from iOS app




I want to create and app for Android based on an iOS app we already have created and is on the process if submission to the app store.

What are the best practices for creating it? I'm thinking of resizing it to match the most common ratio on the Android tablet (we even setup the liquid layout on InDesign so that should make it easier).

But my question is, when uploading to the DPS do we create the app under the same project we created the iOS one, or do we need to create a new project for this? I’m not sure how this is usually handled and I couldn’t find it on the support website.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Cindy,

Our recommendation is to just create the app in the same project and re-use all your iOS content. There are so many screen aspect ratios in the Android world it just isn't worth the effort to try and make new layouts of your content in InDesign to accommodate. The DPS 2015 viewers will all scale and letterbox fixed-layout content as necessary.