AMP Image issue



Hi Friends,

Am trying to implement amp concept in aem .

I used already implemented component adding like below structure.Am able to used for content only , facing issue while using <amp-img> tag.

Any one have idea about this ? or any suggestion ?

including amp images but am not able to see images but am able to see the <amp-img> tag in the view source.


amp responsive image layout  included <br/>

<amp-img src="kks_1195092996.jpg" layout="responsive" width="264" height="96">skynews_1195092996</amp-img>


<amp-img src="/content/dam/kk/kks_1195092996.jpg" layout="responsive" width="264" height="96">Dam image</amp-img>


<amp-img src="http://localhost:4502/content/dam/kk/kks_1195092996.jpg" layout="responsive" width="264" height="96">Specified location in server</amp-img>


<amp-img src=" no-ns/photo.jpg" layout="responsive" width="264" height="96">Jr.NTR</amp-img>


html image included am able to see the image in my html <br/>

<img src="/content/dam/kk/kks_1195092996.jpg" alt="background image" />

image ending

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