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Has anyone been able to renew their AEM Mobile account? I have been in contact with various Adobe personnel since April trying to get a renewal quote and all I have been getting in return is "someone will contact you shortly". Our license is due July 10, 2016. We have been a customer since 2012 starting with Digital Publishing Suite then Digital Publishing Solutions and now AEM Mobile. We previously signed up with a reseller but I had heard that resellers could not sell this new product.

I am assuming there will be added costs involved to go along with the added features. This increase (which could be significant) will need to go through a process of approvals on my end which could take some time...time that is quickly running out. I initially contacted an Account Development Manager who conferenced me in with a sales person. The sales person was suppose to get back to me with costs but never did. I reached out again via email to the Account Developement Manager who said she would get back to me shortly (this was May 9th). I left her a voicemail around May 19th and she never responded. I then contact I received an email saying someone would get back to me shortly (this was May 20th). I sent a follow-up email yesterday, June 8th and still have heard nothing. I am at a loss as to what I should do next. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.

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Terry - Depending on the size of your organization/account, I may have an answer to your question.  For former DPS Pro accounts, Adobe has licensed Walsworth to provide a path to migration from DPS to AEM Mobile.  If you are not getting traction from Adobe Sales, it could be that their focus has been on larger accounts with greater sales potential.  The medium and smaller accounts are being handled by my company.  If you wish to discuss, please contact me at:  We have been working with several existing Single and Pro DPS customers on moving their mobile app forward.


Grant Fritch

App Architect/Technical Manager,


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Just to follow up on Bob’s comment about Twixl Publisher, we at MEI are currently the North American distributor of Twixl, Many small to medium sized businesses that were former DPS classic customers are having success changing to Twixl. To learn more about Twixl Publisher and how it can aid your business, visit our product page at




Terry - I reached out to Adobe Sales and asked them to contact you. If renewal with Adobe doesn't work out, you have Grant's contact information as a good fallback option.