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AEM Mobile Apps Queries


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I have a requirement to create an AEM Mobile App, which should integrate with Web Trends Analytical tool.

Referring to  URL ~https://docs.adobe.com/docs/en/aem/6-1/develop/mobile-apps/apps.html

1. How could content authoring be done in a Mobile App? Using Mobile only or it could be done using desktop also?

2. When I integrated an AEM Web Page with Adobe Analytics, I used to include Java Script in all pages that needed to push info to Analytics.

In a Mobile App, what should be done to achieve this?

3. If we integrate Phonegap with AEM, it generates Hybrid code, that works on all mobile IOSs, like Android, Windows, Blackberry and IOS.

Is there a use case of customers asking for Native code for some specific OSs and how do we achieve it?

I mean could we have Hybrid code + native code for some OSs?

4. Does anyone have experience creating an AEM Mobile App, which integrated with Web Trends Analytical tool?

Appreciate all your responses.



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Level 2

For your question 1, I recommend using desktop as it is easier for author to use and learn.


Level 8

1 - AEM's UI allows content authoring using mobile devices, but from a practical point of view the smaller screen size can be a limiting factor.   I know a few folks that do it with tablets, but I believe most authors prefer using a desktop environment

2 - If you are using Adobe Analytics for AEM Mobile (PhoneGap apps) you will need to include the Adobe Mobile Services (AMS) SDK with the app.  The AEM Mobile tools make it quite easy to include the SDK (see [1]).   Calling the SDK from your app can be orchestrated from each page.  If you are using a SPA paradigm then you can call it from the controller and save some work (as is done with the Geometrixx reference app)

3 - AEM Mobile currently generates hybrid code (for both PhoneGap and Mobile On Demand apps).  Accessing native features is done through the use of PhoneGap plugins which contain native code + a JS interface.  AEM Mobile does not currently generate purely native code (although it is something we are researching)

4 - I'm afraid that is beyond my experience.

[1] Adobe Analytics and Adobe Mobile:  https://docs.adobe.com/docs/en/aem/6-2/develop/mobile-apps/apps/add-analytics-to-apps.html