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I have a couple of questions about DPS.

If I have the Enterprise Edition of DPS can I drop to the Single Edition?

What are the different DPS options?

What are the differences between them?

What are cost differences?

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Essentially, there are no differences anymore.

You either have a DPS account or you don’t. Pricing is based on a variety of factors. Single Edition is not available separately anymore.

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thank you posting this enquiry as it is almost impossible to gain insight into DPS pricing with any sort of transparency.   i guess the requirement of chatting with an adobe rep makes DPS "enterprise"

If the adobe rep knows the pricing options why can't we?



Pricing is determined by the use case.

If you're building one app that will only be used by 100 internal employees it'll be priced differently than if you plan on building 20 apps where each has 10,000 subscibers. That's why a "chat" with DPS Sales is involved.

As Bob L. has said many times (paraphrasing) -- DPS 2015 is an enterprise solution and is priced that way.

A DPS customer can use either the original version (DPS 2014) or the new DPS 2015 workflow/toolset.

Single Edition is no longer available.

-- Colin



Thank you so much for the information.

It would be very help to me if you could elaborate on the "Pricing is based on a variety of factors". Could you tell me what the factors are and the pricing? Please...