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After the release of the new publishing platform from Adobe i have a question

Since the new way of publishing have several difference from the way we used to do it up till now, is it possible to start creating new apps with the new Publishing solution while at the same time to be able to  to provide content to the existing apps with the old version of DPS?I  am asking that because first of all to will take us a training period to understand how  new Publishing solution works and on the other hand the existing app that our costumer have are based on a diffirent structure from the TOC, navigation etc and it looks really hard to migrate them to the new look and feel ...Will be abel to run simultaneously the 2 platforms or since i will go to the new Publishing solution i will not be able to create content for my existing apps??

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Accepted Solutions (1)




You can continue to make content in the existing system. One way to do what you want without too much effort is to continue creating content in the current system, and then use the content migration tool to migrate that content over to DPS 2015. It'll save you the hassle of having to upload the content twice, yet still give you the flexibility to use the new DPS 2015 system with content you're producing for the current system.

You can even follow this model to try releasing an updated version of your application on another platform (Android or Windows, for example) to try out new experiences there before bringing those experiences over to your primary platform (iOS, I assume).


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