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I would like to start using Adobe Muse to create articles for our app.  But when creating generic html pages I can't get the usual interface to respond when someone taps the screen.  Is there a way to add the gesture controls to adobe muse?

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Hello! I recently developed a .mucow file so our designers can easily add the "tap to toggle navigation" functionality to their Muse files. You just File > Place the .mucow file into your Muse project.

There's more info on this thread: Easy Way to Add the Gestures API to Muse

I hope it'll help!



Those Gesture APIs are great for those with the coding chops, but if I have to dig into code to get it to function, Adobe shouldn't market Muse as a "Designer Friendly way to Build HTML Articles."



Same here – can't get the navigation bar and side panel to show up in Muse originating HTML content..

It is as if Muse puts some 'sensitive' area overall in the page, since AEM only brings up these elements when an insensitive area is touched or clicked. I created a simple page in Dreamweaver to test it, and it works as expected.



Is there a more detailed walk-through for this as opposed to the example in the zip, perhaps something specifically for Muse created pages? I'm pulling out my hair trying to understand how to get the default navigation to show up in anything created in Muse.