Abstract Metadata Cutoff Length Inconsistencies on Card



I am having some weird card behavior regarding the cutoff length of the metadata on the card.

I am attaching screenshots of the behavior, basically it seems like the cutoff length of the abstract metadata field is not consistent or even between the cards. It changes if you go in and out of the app and in and out of the collections within the app.

I would like this to be consistent so that the spacing of elements below these cards is consistent in our app layout.

Three screenshots from the app are shown below. The behavior is shown in the two 6x6 cards (titles of the cards are Reporter and Gamma Epsilon Tau). These screenshots were taken within 1 minute of each other, with no changes pushed to the app in that time (I only closed and reopened the app, and went in an out of different collections). As you can see, sometimes the abstract metadata field length varies from 3 lines for both cards, 2 lines for both cards, and sometimes uneven between the cards (one 2 lines while the other is 3 lines).


Ivan Mironchuk

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)