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AEM Assets - Filter search should only return matching assets



Request for Feature Enhancement (RFE) Summary: AEM Assets - When using the Filter rail to search, it should only display matching assets. 
Use-case: Using the Filter rail, with a Property Predicate set up, adding a keyword to that field should make it so the filter only returns assets that have that value in the configured metadata field.
Current/Experienced Behavior: Search returns all assets that contain said keyword in any metadata property
Improved/Expected Behavior: Search returns all assets that contain said keyword in the metadata property configured in the Property Predicate
Environment Details (AEM version/service pack, any other specifics if applicable): AEM 6.5 Service Pack 8
Customer-name/Organization name: The Raymond Corporation
Screenshot (if applicable):


Code package (if applicable): N/A
Notes: This feels like a bug to me, and certainly not a "new idea", but we opened Support Ticket E-000488914 and were told to file a "feature enhancement request".


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Hi arctouch-emanuelmachado,


Thanks for raising the request but it would be great if you can share the detailed steps to see the current and expected behavior. Also, I agree that support ticket is a right channel when in doubt about bug/improvment so feel free to raise a follow up of the support ticket mentioned and we can priortise the same internally. We can use experience league ideas section to suggest new ideas/suggestions for the product.




Status changed to: Needs Info



Hi @Akash_Kapoor ,


Sure thing! Currently, on our AEM instance, we have created a Filter Predicate with this configuration:
Type: Property Predicate

Field Label: MILS Product Family

Placeholder: data cleanup

Property Name: jcr:content/metadata/trcmilsProductFamily

Partial Search: TRUE

Ignore Case: TRUE

Description: EMPTY


But when using that search predicate on the Filter Rail, it's returning incorrect values. For example, searching for the word "Transtacker" returns an asset that contains this metadata:


"jcr:mixinTypes":[ "cq:Taggable" ],
"xmp:CreatorTool":"Adobe Photoshop 6.0",
"dam:extracted":"Thu Jul 01 2021 17:03:44 GMT+0000",
"dc:description":"very narrow aisle, transtacker",
"dc:rights":"The Raymond Corporation",
"trcProductStatus":"Current Production",
"dc:modified":"Mon Oct 18 2021 14:04:29 GMT+0000",
"xmp:MetadataDate":"Wed Sep 28 2016 14:32:00 GMT-0400",
"jcr:lastModified":"Mon Oct 18 2021 14:04:29 GMT+0000",
"trcBrand":[ "raymond:brand/the-raymond-corporation/raymond" ],
"trcProducts":[ "raymond:products/family/transtacker/trt" ],

As you can see, it doesn't even contain the metadata field the Predicate refers to (trcmilsProductFamily). However, simply by having the search keyword ("transtacker") in other fields, it's being returned.

The expected behavior is that only assets which contain the search keyword in the correct metadata field should be returned.


It's important to note that, as far as we can tell, disabling Partial Search seem to fix this issue, no more false positives are reported.