Word document creation using PDF Generator Service API



Hi All,


We are using AEM Forms 6.5.4 and we are trying to use PDF Generator Service API for converting PDF to MS Word document.  We are referring to [1] to achieve this conversion . While executing method exportPDF2() we are getting error as [2] . [1] doesn't talk about the parameter - settingsFile which is provided to exportPDF2() and do not provide any example on how to generate this file . 

Has anyone implemented this ?


[1] https://docs.adobe.com/content/help/en/experience-manager-64/forms/use-document-services/aem-documen...


[2]Exception : ALC-PDG-080-023-Acrobat_PATH environment variable either not set or is invalid. Please set this variable to point to Acrobat.exe in Acrobat version 11. Acrobat_PATH should be set to <Acrobat_Home>\Acrobat 11.0\Acrobat\Acrobat.exe. Here <Acrobat_Home> is the parent folder where the Acrobat is installed.


Thanks in advance!

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