Why do we need to use Forms Designer Tool?



Hi all,

Why do we need to use Forms Designer Tool for creating AEM Forms?

In my project how to know whether to use it or not?

My understanding is that if we need to create pixel perfect PDF file in the end from AEM Forms, we use it.

Are there any other factors affecting this decision?

Is it possible to create PDF files without creating XDP files using Designer?

Appreciate your support.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Somnath, you can write a custom submit action to send DoR pdf to a rest endpoint. You can refer https://helpx.adobe.com/aem-forms/6-2/custom-submit-action-form.html for reference. Your submit action would be a hybrid of store pdf and rest submit action. For PDF generation, you need to choose option Select form template as base template to generate the Document of Record in Document of Record Template Configuration. This way you need not to provide designer created XDP, system will generate a pdf for DoR.

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Answers (6)



Thanks for your response. I see something like Submit Action to REST URL which I can configure. So that might call my custom servlet post Form submission.

As I am new to AEM Forms, so probably harping along the same lines. Unfortunately I am still not able to understand the core steps on how to use a designer generated XDP with an Adaptive Form, for generating its DoR.

So I am using AEM Forms for AEM 6.2 here is what I understand, please feel free to correct me:

  1. A non-XFA Form can also be based on a XML Schema (XSD), when I create an Adaptive Form in AEM Forms UI.
  2. It needs to be associated with a XDP which becomes the base template on which its PDF core structure will get generated. The XDP and XSD should have the same elements and in same sequence.
  3. I create the DoR Base template using AEM Designer. It has a header and a footer which will appear across all my project Form PDFs. I do not understand how to apply project specific CSS and JS there. I only see styles I can apply from Designer.
  4. I save it as XDP. Upload file to AEM Forms & Documents.
  5. I create an Adaptive Form in AEM Forms UI (not designer) using Blank Template. Associate it with XSD and XDP.
  6. Now I open the form, I edit it, drag and drop the XSD defined name and email text boxes in it. I also dropped a submit button on it and I saved it.
  7. Now when I say Download Document of Records, it downloads XDP file and hence not able to open using Acrobat.
  8. How can I see PDF with header and footer as in DoR base template, with main content as in Adaptive Form I created with Name, Email textfields and 1 Submit button ?
  9. On Submit actions, I do not see anything like Store PDF. It has Email PDF. I am not able to see the DoR that is generated from the form at all.



You can create a PDF from a form submission and there is no requirement to store the data or PDF in the CRX repository.  You would need to implement the integration into your back end.  I suggest reviewing the documentation, there is detailed information around how to this, here is one example https://helpx.adobe.com/aem-forms/6-2/integrate-draft-submission-database.html



I have a scenario where PDF needs to be generated from filled up forms but the PDF will NOT be stored on CRX anyway. The forms may contain PII and hence we need to store that PDF along with submitted form data into the backend database which is beyond the firewall. We have REST Services to access interface to the backend system. How can we proceed please ?



There are a variety of ways to generate a document of record depending upon your requires will determine whether an XDP template is needed or not https://helpx.adobe.com/aem-forms/6-2/generate-document-of-record-for-non-xfa-based-adaptive-forms.h...

In a verify step you need an XDP

For your third question https://helpx.adobe.com/aem-forms/6-2/configuring-submit-actions.html 

DEPRECATED - Configuring the Store PDF action submit action

The Store PDF action (deprecated) option saves form data as a PDF document in CRX on successful submission of the form.

Note: The submit action is also available for XFA-based adaptive forms and XSD-based adaption forms that have the Document of Record template.

For information about how to configure the Store PDF action (deprecated) submit action, see Submitting and storing content in JCR repository.



Hi Khushwant,

Thanks for responding.

1. If we are taking the DoR route, we do not need Designer (XDP) or without that also we can achieve PDF Conversion?

2. In Verify section also, we have a PDF conversion requirement. Will this necessarily require XDP?

3. In the Submit options, we have a "Convert To PDF and Store" option. Will this necessarily require XDP and this option itself will not appear without we selecting XDP in the model?

Appreciate your response.





Hi Rama,

You require Designer to create XDP files. You can render these XDP files as pixel-perfect PDF Forms or HTML5-Forms.

If you are using adaptive forms and want to keep a record in PDF format. You can use the Document of Record (DoR) feature.

Khushwant Singh