Which version of Adobe Forms I have to use for my AEM 6.1 SP2



Hi Team,

I have AEM 6.1 SP2 Installed on Mac Laptop. I wanted to install AEM Forms Add on on my AEM 6.1 SP2.

Which version I have to download and install from Package share?

Is it AEM-FORMS-6.1.SP1 or AEM-FORMS-6.1-SP2. I am not able to find one with AEM-FORMS-6.1.

Or If i download and install AEM-FORMS-6.1-SP2 will that work.

I am using Mac OS. Which one i have to use LX or WIN or SOL or AIX or WIN (Example : AEM-FORMS-6.1-SP1-LX).

Best Regards

Eakambaram Yadav

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Eakambaram,

You can find AEM Forms add-on packages released till today, corresponding AEM versions (Pre-requisites), download links of packages, and other helpful information on this URL.


There are some additional libraries required for Red Hat Enterprise Linux,SUSE Enterprise Linux, and CentOS.You can find list of packages of the respective operating system on this URL.



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