Where are the processes stored?



I wonder where the XML of the Processes are stored in Workbench (Local Resources) and on the server (Remote Resources). Is this in a folder structure, or in a database?


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I had wondered this for a while too as it is quite annoying that they can't be kept in version control. I had another look and I think I found where they are stored in the database.

If you connect to the DB (mine was localhost on port 3306) with the user name 'root' and password you specified when you installed.

Then select the database called 'adobe' and look at the table tb_sc_service_configuration you can see the XML in the descriptor field.

Locally they are stored here:

C:\Users\<username>\Workbench 6\forms\<projectname>\1.0\processes

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Hi Bjorn,

Application data exists in database, Global Document Storage (GDS), and AEM repository . GDS stores long-lived files that are used within a process , files may include PDFs, form templates etc.Whatever you have created in your workbench or imported from the server to your workbench may be found locally under C:\Users\<username>\Workbench but it appears to me your query is more in terms of run time data .Please clarify 


For reference below image describes the LC application data store .