When to go for forms?




I was trying to understand what would constitute a good minimum criteria set which can help determine when to opt for Forms? - specifically about Forms OSGI and not JEE (which I understand is a BPM which was formerly LC).

We often get asked as to why it wouldn't just be prudent to design forms the old fashioned way using just HTML, javascript, etc.

If there are only a few forms to design with just the standard set of controls which just passes on info to the backend does it make sense to go ahead and invest in forms?

Just looking for pointers using which you can say - yep this is a job for forms! : )


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Accepted Solutions (1)



I think it depends on the requirement. I can think of couple of scenarios here, if a client just wants to use Adobe for batch processing but not for any interaction, i think J2EE version of AEM Forms should just work fine with some BPM implementation as well.

But, if the client needs their customers to fill out a form/document using a wizard kind of a flow on multiple devices, OSGi would be a better fit. As the modules Output and Forms have been moved to OSGi with AEM 6.3 version. It should be nice to give that user experience for the customers. Of course we can build the same wizard kind interactivity using HTML as well but y not make use of the platform using which you can build a better form in less time.

As you mentioned that there are only few forms to design with set of standard controls, J2EE should be good enough. But, as I said, OSGi version of AEM is new and if you don't have current investment in LiveCycle, this route should be good.

My two cents