What is the Configuration Container used for?



I noticed a new text field in AEM Forms 6.4 when creating an Adaptive Form titled "Configuration Container". Searching Google and the Adobe Help site returns no hits at all on this term.

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Any clues as to what this is and how/why we use it?

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Hi Darren,

An adaptive form or interactive communication can use multiple cloud configurations (Adobe Typekit, Adobe Sign, Adobe Analytics, and more), Templates, and Content Fragments. In AEM 6.3 Forms and earlier, you had to individually select these options for an adaptive form or interactive communication/adaptive document. Now, all the applicable configurations can be included in a configuration container. You can select the container while creating an adaptive form or interactive communication and all the configuration available in the container are made available for selection while or after creating the underlying adaptive form or interactive communication.

To create a container,

  1. Go to AEM > Tools > Configuration Browser. Tap Create.
  2. Specify a Title and, select the type of configurations to include, Tap Save. The configuration container is created.

Whenever you create a configuration, for example, a cloud service, you have to specify a configuration container that will include the configuration. You can try creating an Adobe Typekit configuration (AEM > Tools >Cloud Services>Typekit), the configuration mandates to select a configuration container before providing the option to create the configuration.

A global container available out of the box. It is recommended to use the global container for AEM Forms, if you do not have any special use case for container, for example, an institution requiring separate container for every department. If no container is selected, all the configurations available in the global container are made available for selection for adaptive forms or interactive communications.

Do let me know if you have any query.


Khushwant Singh