What are some great examples of dynamic blog pages created with CQ5?



Hi there -

I am currently working with CQ5. I am wondering how to embrace the CQ social collaboration further and if you had any examples of dynamic interactive/blog pages or templates created with CQ5? Specifically, I am looking at integrating comments after each post, various authors and photos per post, social media feeds, etc. It should be more dynamic than the current blog template.

Looking forward to your insights. 

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Accepted Solutions (1)




hello Marina,

With the release of AEM 6.0, but also in the form of a Feature Pack available to AEM 5.6.1 customers, we have a new generation of Social Components (based on a new Social Component Framework) that will give a much more interactive experience than the previous generation, especially the "Comment" component that you would use on the Blog template. If that is an option (e.g. if you are working with the 5.6.1 release), I suggest that you file a a support ticket so that we can provide access to this Feature Pack. You can see how these components behave in our own http://communities.adobe.com experience. 

Best regards,

Bertrand de Coatpont - AEM Product Management

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