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Hi Guys,

I have got a yes/no radio button and a textfield. I want to make the textfield visible/hidden based on whether the user selects yes or no. In the Visibility expression of the textfield, I can enter radiobutton.value == "1" to make it only visible if the user selects the yes option. The problem with this method is that in the initial layout of the form the textfield is hidden and then becomes visible when the user selects yes.

Please does anyone know how I can have the textfield visible to start off with and then when the user selects no, the textfield is hidden?

Thanks very much,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



There could be three solutions to your problem:

a) Suggested by mandeep.

b) You can use this visible expression in text field, (radiobutton.value === null ? true : (radibutton.value == "1")) . Assuming you have no default value set.

c) Set a default value for the radio button.