Version control for AEM forms

deepakt84913413 20-02-2018

How do I control the version of rules in the rule editor by maintaining them at a single location? I just don't want to checkin my content node into GIt to maintain this.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

James_R_Green 25-02-2018


If you export a form from aem, or look at the nodes in crx, you will see that the rules entered via the rules editor are stored on the form. There is no way to reference the rules from another form to reuse the rules. That's why I would recommend putting code that you want to reuse into a client library. As you can then call the same functions from any form that references the client library.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

deepakt84913413 24-02-2018

Hey James,

I was more talking about the rules I make using the rule editor. How do I make sure I don't duplicate and use the same function in other forms as necessary?

James_R_Green 20-02-2018

Hi deepakt84913413

You can  add a reference to a client library category to you adaptive form, and then in the rules editor you can call functions from your client library.

If you haven't added a clientlib before there are a few guides on line. I can give links if needed but have a look on google.