validation message box not shown on form validation in html rendering



Hi all,

I need some help to solve this issue:

In Adobe AEM Designer v 6.2, i have a form containing mandatory fields ("user entered - required"), to be validate.

Leaving mandatory fields empty, when i do execValidate() on form in "Preview PDF" I get a validation message box, listing all validation errors occurred (something like

"the empty field xxx is mandatory", according to the message I set in "Validation pattern message" for that field) .

When i do the same in "Preview HTML", no validation message box are shown (execValidate just returns false)

Please note that in "form properties" -> "Form validation" -> "Show dialog message" I've selected "combine the messages of all the failed fields into one message box"

What to do in order to obtain in HTML rendering the same behavior of PDF (validation error showed in validation message box) ?

Thanks a lot.


Stefano Taglietti

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Accepted Solutions (1)



You will be able to see the validaiton message box when you focus on the field. The fields having failed validation have different border color like in the Preview PDF. So when you focus on the field you will be able to see the error message.

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