using adaptive Form (on AEM Forms 6.0 JEE Workspace (LC Workspace) ) keeps using 'old' Javascript code



I developed a small adaptive form on AEM Forms 6.0 JEE (SP1  at the moment) and I'm facing a problem. The project is meant to be like below:

A user fills in a form in the web-browser and submits it. On the submit a LC Workflow is started and a couple of other users have to approve/reject this form in the Workspace.
On the Assign Task operation in the workflow, I use a CRX Asset (the adaptive Form) .

I made some Javascript/JQuery code to prepopulate and initialize the form and I notice that these Javascripts/Jquery codes are not always updated when opening the form in te Workspace. When I open the form directly in the browser the code is correctly updated every time I make a change.

Anybody have an idea what goes wrong?



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Sounds like Workspace is caching the old code for some reason. I would log an issue with Enterprise Support for them to look at for you.

Cheers Darren