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Hi All,

I have a dynamic PDF form. I can launch it from workspace, I can fill the data and submit for approval. All works good. In the form I have couple of drop list fields. Can I restrict values in the drop list based on the user id? The drop list values will come from Oracle database, overall values for this field are more than 1000 but a particular user can see limited (lets say 3, 6 or 14) values based on the security restrictions. I know how JDBC connection and SQL statements work in workbench but I don't know how it works in designer. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Naresh,

For Dynamically populating items please use article Dynamically populate a drop-down list or list box​  for connecting to data sources. Not sure about JDBC but designer provide the connection to OLE database, web service etc. Please check Create a data connection to an OLE database article.

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