Trying to translate Adaptive Forms to French

JoelLucuik 02-12-2016

Hi all,

Using AEM 6.2 

I am trying to translate my adaptive form to french. We have translators to do the actual translation. We would prefer to be able to 

  • Export to an XLIFF file.
  • Re-import after the translation is complete.
  • Use something like http://[server]:[port]/<contextPath>/<formFolder>/<formName>.html?wcmmode=disabled&afAcceptLang=fr to identify the language

I have looked through the docs. 

It was confusing. I have tried another approach, where I created a Project, Created FR(French), Exported FR to .zip, updated and re-imported.

I must be missing something because I can't get the content to translate, and we'd rather not use Live Copies, unless they can work with our internal process (with translation files)

Ideas? Suggestions?

I'll check the blogs Scott pointed me to as well.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

JoelLucuik 05-12-2016

My co-worker figured *something* out.

1. Use /libs/cq/i18n/translator.html to define the text for your URL(s)

2.  Add ?wcmmode=disabled&afAcceptLang=fr to your URL, and the text just translates.

I think the first time I tried this, I wasn't look at the right URL in the list provided by translator.html

Thanks for the help


Answers (4)

Answers (4)

TundraSteve 05-12-2016

Did you change the translation property Translation Method from Human to Automated?  If you don't you won't see a start you'll see import/export/rename.  

JoelLucuik 05-12-2016

I tried that last week....Step 8 didn't have a "Start". I tried to work around it a bit, but it's confusing, and never got the translation working. My understanding was that the (english) page should be exported to a file, where the english text becomes keys to the french translations.