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Testing interactive communications with my data source


Level 2

Hey all,

When I am working with interactive communications and I preview my document, I want it to show me the user data based off which account is looking at it. Currently it only shows the first data entry from my database no matter which account is logged I am viewing it from. If I deploy this, how do I show the correct data for the user who is looking at it? Would it be settings/associations I have to configure on the data integration side? If someone could point me in the right direction that would be wonderful.

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Level 7

We would need a bit more information to answer this question like:

- How are you requesting the data from that database?

- Are you using a simple FDM query on initialise or are you using a prefill servlet?

- If you are using FDM how have you structured the FDM query?

- How do you match a user viewing the form to a record in the database?


Employee Advisor

Hi Brandon,

Can you please share more details around the use case, it would be good to have few screenshot explaining the use case and how the data connection has been established with the IC.