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famruch 15-10-2015


Has anyone tried to use the Submit to Forms workflow submit action to submit the AEM form data to an existing LiveCycle process? When I select the submit to forms workflow option, the action configuration box is inactive and doesn't let me enter in my LiveCycle process REST url. This is on the AEM6 full version product not the BETA version.

Also the E-sign component doesn't appear to be fully developed. Can't find a submit action under the EchoSign configuration tab as stated in the Adobe release document.

Thanks guys for your previous answers. Found them really helpful.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

varundua 15-10-2015

Hi Afam,

LC Process Locator and Invoker service searches for those process in Livecycle which take two input parameters having names dataxml and fileAttachmentLists by default. If your process have different names, you can enter those in the configuration.

These processes are then listed in the Submit to Forms Workflow submit action configuration and you can choose one among them.

Note: dataxml is not a property of your process but the name of the input variable which accepts data xml (a document object) and similarly fileAttachementLists is the name of the input variable which accepts List of Documents.

Hope it helps !


EDIT: I think I misread your question.

If you open the process properties tab in the workbench. Open the input section which lists all the input parameters it takes. There you can see which parameter takes Form Data.

If you see the image in [1] the variable which says Form Data is the input that accepts data xml.


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Answers (8)


Yes, XDP based HTML5 Forms are well supported on AEM 6.0 instance. For that, you need to install additional package AEM Forms Add-On package. You can see quick video about installation from package share @ at installing and configuring section. More information about installation is available @

varundua 15-10-2015

Hi Scott,

The approach you have mentioned is correct and will work in all the cases.

But we also provide a OOTB submit action which does the same. The action invokes the process selected by the user in the submit action configuration. The only limitation is that it only invokes those process that take two input parameters. The action searches and lists all the process that take two parameters (having specific names) and the author can then select any of the process from the list. The name of those two input parameters are configurable using the Guide liveCycle Process Locator and Invoker.

famruch 15-10-2015

Thanks Varandua.

I have tried to follow the steps in 1.

For the Guide liveCycle Process Locator and Invoker, do you know where I can find the data xml parameter of my LiveCycle process?



adeivasigamani 15-10-2015

My organization is investing in AEM 6.0 to render XFA forms as HTML 5 forms. We earlier had a Livecycle ES 4 instance with Forms Manager Pro, Now that we have a stand alone AEM 6.0, is it possible to render the XDP forms developed in Designer as HTML 5 forms in the new AEM 6.0 instance. What are the OSGi bundles required to do the same?

The only package available in AEM 6.0 with respect to XFA forms is . what other packages are what configurations needs to be done to render XFA forms as HTML 5 in AEM 6.0

Regards -

Ashok D

varundua 15-10-2015

To use the Submit to Forms Workflow option you need to configure LC with AEM. The steps for that are provided in [1]. You don't have to provide any URL, Once you complete the configuration steps it will show you a list of process and you can select one.

I am not sure I understood your second question completely. My initial understanding is that you have not configured echosign service in AEM the steps for which are provided in [2]. Can you share the link which you are talking about.



smacdonald2008 15-10-2015

One way to get data from an AEM form to LC is to develop a custom submit action and post adaptive form data to an OSGi bundle. See this commnunity article:

Now once you get that to an OSGi bundle - you can write a custom AEM service that consumes the SOAP stack of LC. Your AEM OSGi service can invoke the LC process and get the form data to a LC process. For information on how to do this - see this community article:

Hope this helps