Storing a form data in crxde and triggering the email



Hi ,

I have a use case where user enters form data (Not adaptive Form) and on click of submit , data needs to be stored in to crxde by creating a new node.
This is the same for all users who ever submits the form and nodes should be unique in crxde for each user.
Then we need to initiate the scheduler and trigger the email and send all the saved form node details to admin.

Please help me with the steps to execute this ..

Thanks in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



You need to write a custom Form action and write a custom service to add the data to a JCR node. This article shows you how to write a custom AEM form action:

Adobe Experience Manager Help | Creating a custom action for an Adobe Experience Manager Form compon...

Once the OSGi service has the form data - you can write an AEM service that persists into the AEM JCR -- as discussed here:

Scott's Digital Community: Persisting CQ data in the Java Content Repository

(an older article - but you get the idea! Then you can have a service send out emails!)