Split the XDP File into Master and content forms





How do we split the XDP File which has both the design and the master Layout into 2 separate templates.

one for the Master and the other for the content.




Hi @srinit86581866,

Let me know if I understand your need.

You have forms for many countries, and you need one solution like this:


Base XDP

   - Page 1. Generic master page

   - Page 2. English form for all (eng_form.xdp)

   - Page 3. Contry language form (<country>_form.xdp)


English Form XDP (Fragment: eng_form.xdp)

   - Form with english questions


French Form XDP (Fragment: fre_form.xdp)

   - Form with french questions


Spain Form XDP (Fragment: spa_form.xdp)

   - Form with spanish questions


Portuguese Form XDP (Fragment: pt_form.xdp)

   - Form with portuguese questions


Is this ?

Hi Jean,

Thank for the reply.

My requirement is


English Form common for all the countries  - XDP

   - Page 1. Generic master page                          -  Same for all the forms (whether English or any other language)

   - Page 2. English form for all (eng_form.xdp)    - For all the countries 


Country specific Language form for each country.

   - Page 1. Generic master page                          -  Same for all the forms (whether English or any other language)    - the master page should be same with header and footer for all the country specific language forms as well as the english

   - Page 2. Country language form (<country>_form.xdp)


All the forms are already created but since each form has different master page. So, we need to split the forms to have one generic master page and the language specific content forms. please advise if it's possible. ?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



What is the use case for doing so?

as I understand every xdp needs to have at least one master page

Answers (4)

Answers (4)




@srinit86581866  save part of the form as a fragment so that they can be reused.



@srinit86581866 ,

I don't know if I understand well your need. but this small XDP have 2 different master pages, 1 to english part and other for language specific pages.
You need some like this, but separated in differents XDP's to reuse it?




Let me know if this is the correct path.