Sort json response in slightly

sathya_prakasha 15-12-2017


I am getting list of books from third party services.

Wanna list the books in sorting order like ASC using slightly. is it possible..?? I am able to get the results but not in sorting order..

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

edubey 15-12-2017

As of now sightly does not support list sorting.

Backend call to 3rd party -  Process this in sling model

Frontend call to 3rd party - Use JS

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

Veena_Vikraman 15-12-2017


       HTL is a template language and cannot do much of data manipulation . So as Simone said you have to handle it either in client-side or server side . Getting Started with HTL 

simoneb20672152 15-12-2017

If you are retrieving the json clientside you need to sort it by javascript.

If you are retrieving serverside, you need to sort your list before listing with sightly markup (with JS or Java API you are using)