Signature step not showing pdf

paultjw 08-05-2017

I have setup scribble signature on my adaptive form and also a signature step just below the scribble signature component.

The scribble signature works well in preview, but the signature step isn't show the pdf, it just says loading...

Any reason why the pdf isn't showing? i am using chrome and also have installed the chrome pdf viewer, still no luck.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Sakshi1 09-05-2017

'Signature Step' should be the only component in a panel. You should not have any other field with it. Generally its used in child panel of a panel having wizard layout, hence the name 'Signature Step'.


Answers (15)

Answers (15)


So it looks like your installation is not proper. Are there any spaces in the path of your installation directory? How did you start your server? Did you use a batch file? Or double clicked the jar file? Are all your bundles in active state?

paultjw 09-05-2017

it wouldn't preview, throws an error:

Internal Server Error

Cannot serve request to /content/dam/formsanddocuments/temp.xdp/jcr:content in /libs/xfaforms/render/GET.jsp


com.adobe.forms.service.LCFormsServiceException at com.adobe.forms.service.impl.LCFormsOsgiServiceImpl.render(LCFormsOsgiServiceImpl.scala:92) at com.adobe.forms.service.impl.LCFormsServiceImpl.render( at org.apache.jsp.libs.xfaforms.render.GET_jsp._jspService( at at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( at at
paultjw 09-05-2017

Yes, I have.

I am following the instructions on a doc and a package zip from adobe, maybe you can pass me your email and i can mail it to you, this forum does not allow uploading of zip files.

The error i got was this:

Caused by: com.adobe.document.xmlform.RenderException: IDL:com/adobe/document/xmlform/RenderException:1.0