Setting Up Publish Instance on AEM 6.1 JEE Version




I was recently attempting to setup a Publish instance on a demo AEM 6.1 JEE server I am running. My goal was to set up more of a real world environment with various instances for the purpose of learning how the instances work together.

Before posting this I did a search on this forum and found this thread which contained this link detailing various author/publish/processing topologies.

When spinning up a JEE version of AEM you get an Author instance by default. This documentation goes onto say that the Processing instance (when required) would typically be the JEE version and if I understand correctly the Author and Publish instances could technically be JEE or standalone versions, although the general recommendation seems to be to try and stick with standalone versions when possible. I realize the topologies using HTML Workspace and the AEMS Forms Workflow add-on (ie Process Management) are a little more complex and at least the Author instance will require JEE.

Before coming across this forum post I found this bit of documentation about creating a Publish instance on a JEE server which, among other things, says "You must run separate author and publish instances. You can configure the two instances on the same or on different machines."

This documentation seems to be saying that the JEE server (jboss in this case) can run multiple instances of different types. Is this correct?

While the instructions seem fairly straight forward, step 1 mentions creating an "appserver profile" with no explanation of what this is or how to create it. There seems to be a presumption the reader should know what this is. Forgive me if this is common knowledge but I'm not clear on what this is or what the context of this term is. It sounds to me like it's a jboss term.

I've googled this term but did not come up with anything meaningful, either from an AEM or Jboss perspective.

To summarize the information from both of these links, there seems to be more than one way to configure Publish instances (1 using standalone versions and another using JEE servers).

Can anyone talk about the ins and outs of these different options and which one might be recommended over another?

If the "appserver profile" method is still a valid and viable approach in AEM 6.1, can anyone expand on how to create an "appserver profile" and/or how to set up a author/publisher instances with the AEM JEE version?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Dale,

Creating an appserver profile means, running a new instance of JBoss application server. You can use the Adobe pre-configured JBoss application server provided with JEE installer ([AEM Forms JEE instllaer]Adobe\Adobe Experience Manager\JBoss) on a different location on the same machine and pass the following startup argument:


You can change the value of offset. The argument helps run multiple instances of JBoss on the same machine.

If you run instance of JBoss application server on a new machine, the above argument is not required.

- Khushwant Singh