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Hi All,

I have given a task to analyse,I have given an Classic ASP page with search functionality.the search is based on data or topics the result will be displayed down.

this sight has been migrated to AEM but this search alone is pending. the result data are stored in sql server.

My question is whether we can rebuilt it in AEM using AEM forms and sql?

Any suggestion would be welocome 



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hello Srinithi,

Those links were for reference. You can always write a click expression on your button, hit your servlet and fetch results. If your search web service have swagger / wsdl configured, you can directly map your fields to its input and output using rule editor. [0] [1]

If your result is in form of array/list, you will find it useful to use repeatable panels [2] or repeatable row in table [3]. 





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Answers (4)



the search component's result should be already stored in database. how to store all the data in JCR in AEM? it is not submit form where we can get the data form form and store it in db. the result data should be stored predefined so using search we can just retrieve  the data and display it.