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joshuau83969408 07-08-2017

When using an adaptive form, is it possible to retrieve the response from the rest service I'm invoking?  My adaptive form is invoking a sling servlet which then invoked my 3rd party rest api.  The rest api is returning a payload but I'm unable to access the payload when looking at the guideResultObject that is returned.  Any pointers would be helpful.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

smacdonald2008 10-08-2017

So in the object that is returned - you are not seeing the data correct?

"It doesn't have the response in the data property"

Looks like a bug - i recommend opening a bug and report this. ANother apprach you can take is to write the form as an HTL component and then use WCMUsePojo and call the service. Then you can update your form fields with the returned data set.

Answers (17)

Answers (17)

lesutton1 08-08-2017

Can you debug further and take a look at what the object is that is in your data? Sounds like instead of straight XML you're getting an object with more than one message in it.

joshuau83969408 08-08-2017

Correct, when I add this console.log: console.log(' ' +;, the following prints in Chrome's console: [object Object]

joshuau83969408 08-08-2017

Yes.  The adaptive form is invoking a Sling Servlet, which is then calling my 3rd party service.  I'm looking to surface the response of the 3rd party service in my window.guideBridge.submit success callback function.

joshuau83969408 08-08-2017

My REST service is returning JSON.  Here is the response I'm logging in my Sling Servlet.  I want to be able to acccess the leadId in the success callback handler.


lesutton1 08-08-2017

it should contain any error messages but is your rest call taking place server side? i.e.: you're populating the response object and looking for those results in your form?

joshuau83969408 08-08-2017


We are on 6.2  I'm using the submit button click rules and I have the following.  Shouldn't my REST service response come back in the guideResultObject? It's null when I try logging it.


    validate: true,

    error : function (guideResultObject) {

        handleErrorSubmission("There was an error.  Please try again later.");


    success : function (guideResultObject) {

        console.log('guideResultObject: ' + guideResultObject);

        console.dir('guideResultObject: ' + guideResultObject);

        var msg = guideResultObject.getNextMessage();

        while (msg != null) {


            msg = guideResultObject.getNextMessage();




lesutton1 08-08-2017

If you are using 6.3 then you can use the new data feature to build this into your form. However, if you're on 6.2 or are just more familiar with JavaScript, then simply write an AJAX call in a client library (or in the rules but not ideal) to make the call for you. Then use the AF API's to update the form and form data that you need from your JSON response.

smacdonald2008 08-08-2017

The only thing i can think of for this is to write a custom component for use in an Adaptive form. Then invoke the 3rd party Restful service and get back the data and write the results to the form.

We have a use case for AEM and 3rd party Restful service - however - its using HTL component -not an adaptive form.

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