Request Approach to be made for LiveCycle to AEM form migration

CheriCQ 18-03-2016

Hi Experts,

I have an opportunity to migrate LiveCycle ES4 application to AEM forms on JEE(as current application runs on WAS and Oracle).

Following are the updates on the current environment,

1) Using LiveCycle Designer ES (Version 8.2) the form templates were created in English and French Versions. Additionally using the built in Form Guide module of LiveCycle Designer ES, Adobe System has created flash version of TFSA form.

2) Adobe Systems developed a Business Work flow module in LiveCycle Workspace for some operations.

3) Most of the LiveCycle ES 8.2 built-in components as a LCA and deployed to LiveCycle ES2. The Flash component was also injected as a custom service to support LiveCycle ES2.

Challenges within current app,

~The existing Flash Guide plugin in Livecycle Designer was not available in LiveCycle Designer version 9

~Adobe Reader PDF plugin is not supported by  modern browser thus user cannot access Application

~ Most of the Livecycle Process management component has been removed in the new version and mitigated by converting as depreciated service

~The Workflow process was created using old version of Livecycle which are deprecated service and thus restricts for future enhancement

~Since the application was hosted in AIX and WAS server, deployment process is complex compared to Windows based application


My Queries,
1) Please help me understand the approach to be taken for this migration.

2) Does AEM forms on JEE support flash component which involves pdf generation.



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TundraSteve 18-03-2016

Thanks for the questions, 

1)  The Flash interface has been deprecated as you point out but much of the capabilities that existed in that approach are now available using Adaptive Forms and/or Adaptive Documents and embraces newer technology such as responsive design for viewing on mobile phones.  PDF creation for document of record or a signing process is still available whether running within the JEE or the OSGI environment.

2)  There is an upgrade path available allowing for the use of elements such as the Process Management elements, the upgrade to AEM Forms JEE requires you to go to LiveCycle ES4 SP1 first.  Your comment that the Process Management components have been removed is a little concerning, Process Management continues to exist and much of the previous document services continue to be made available now and for the foreseeable future.  You're correct that Flash elements have been updated to HTML5 as this embraces the approach most browser and device vendors are supporting.

3)  AEM Forms, both JEE and OSGI support a variety of platforms including AIX, Windows, ect....

4)  If you have existing XDP templates those can be rendered as HTML5 as opposed to PDF to remove the barrier of browser compatibility.  Scripting will continue to work but some script elements may need to be updated.  The form filling experience will be very much as the PDF experience.

If you have additional questions or need clarification feel free to ask on the forums or if a phone conversation would be better just let me know.