Rendering HTML5 forms using Workbench

RDBNDB 15-10-2015

Can anyone tell me if it's possible to render HTML5 forms from within Workbench?  I can render forms as PDFs and HTML4 but I can't find anything n HTML5.  If it is possible how would I do it?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

smacdonald2008 15-10-2015

With Adobe Experience Manager - there is no Workbench tool.

However -  AEM Forms is delivered with the entire JEE stack (same way as LiveCycle ES) and includes Workbench. 

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Answers (1)

DarrenBiz 15-10-2015

Sorry Scott but that is not strictly true. You can still use Workbench when you have AEM Forms 6.0 JEE and you can still render HTML5 output from Process Manager which requires Workbench to configure.

If you are using Workbench I assume you are using either Livecycle ES4+ or AEM Forms 6.0 JEE. This is a good link to help explain HTML5 (aka Mobile Forms)

You cannot render HTML5 as an output option natively from within a process like PDF or HTML4. It has to be rendered as a Mobile Form using the CRX/AEM sub-system. You need the form to be accessed via a supported browser or via Mobile Workspace 

There are two ways you can render HTML5 forms:

  1. Directly using CRX/AEM from the AEM server or the JEE server (see Mobile Forms link above)
  2. Or if you are using Process Manager, you can specify the form render type as HTML5 for rendering the form in the Task in either HTML Workspace or using Mobile Workspace as mentioned above

You can preview the XDP as HTML5 from within Livecycle Designer, you just have to configure it to point to your AEM / Livecycle server first