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SeanLapointe 22-01-2020

We are currently upgrading from LC ES 4 to AEM Forms 6.4 and are in the process of migrating our Flex workspace to the HTML workspace. We would also like to be able to render our XDP PDF Forms in HTML. We pre-fill our forms and add a form bridge using a custom action profile, so changing the start point action profile render process to HTML doesn't give the expected result.


Are there any resources out there that can offer assistance or pointers on this?

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SeanLapointe 03-02-2020

When I use the HTML ws, my form is rendered in PDF format. We are using Workbench to set a custom action profile for when the task is assigned to a user. This custom action profile pulls information from our db that sets up the form in different ways based on the user.

If I change the action profile for the task to the default HTML profile, it will render the form in HTML, but none of the data I collect in my custom profile is added to the form.

Paul_Triffitt 30-01-2020

Sounds like you need to create your own HTML Render service and use that in a custom render profile - depending on what the actual issue is with your render


Hi Sean,


When you have an XDP then there are multiple ways to render it as HTML.

1. use HTML WS

2. Use the render profile

3. Upload it to forms Manager portal on OSGI side and use preview as HTML


Pretty much all the technique uses the default rendering profile and the URL construct for point 2 can be done using below document:


Now, as you see the the document you will notice that you need to use dataRef for dataXml and for custom profile you can follow the below link:


Regarding HTML WS question, please share more details.



Mayank Gandhi

abhishek4743 23-01-2020

Here is a documentation which talks about "Migrating from Flex Workspace to AEM Forms workspace" as well as "HTML rendering of XDP Forms".